“Standing Guard Over Health, Safety & Wellness”

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“Standing Guard Over Health, Safety & Wellness”

Through well-defined, tested, and proven methods of concrete care Green Umbrella Health Sentinel will “Make the Complex Simple” and keep concrete Clean, Conditioned, and Protected.


Each facility is unique. Concrete placement, finishing, cure, densifier, or surface treatment impact current successes, failures, and future life cycles. Examining existing conditions, usage, wear, contaminants, environment, exposure, maintenance equipment, schedule and program, and other analyses point us to the solution best suited for the concrete within your facility.


After analyzing the concrete our consultant teams are in the best position to prescribe a systems solution. Our family of treatments will be examined, and the best solution brought forward. Addressing current and potential future problems with solutions that will clean, condition, and protect. Removing contaminants prevents biofilm buildup, enhances slip coefficient, strengthens & conditions concrete, and enhances durability and life cycle. GUnanoInside™ technology elevates Health Sentinel treatments above essential industry cleaners and promotes concrete health and safety from the subsurface upwards.


Single or multiple locations, in manufacturing, retail, industrial, or supply focus; our team examines each facility as a standalone
operation. Auditing individual locations will promote the right prescription for the lasting durability and lifecycle of the concrete.
Initial Analysis are combined with subsequent Audits to create a train of data that we will use to keep your Health Sentinel Prescription
on track.

Floor Facts

What lands on the floor that provides a biofilm surface?

A person can shed around 1.5 million flakes of skin every hour.

How long does it take to rinse a mop in a service closet?

2 1/2 minutes