Clarify and Condition

Green Umbrella® DeepClean w/Slip-Resist™ is a high-performance architectural concrete subsurface floor cleaner, restorer, clarity enhancer, and surface conditioner for slip resistance. Engineered for concretes unique properties and porosities – the penetrating, deep-cleaning action fights to breakdown grease, oil, and other contaminants – all without leaving any surface residue. An advanced alternative to high pH cleaners and their damaging etching and gloss reduction’ the conditioning formula penetrates, absorbing into the concrete, to clean and clarify while adding excellent slip resistance. Finally working as a restorer to return substrate clarity, especially as an UHS burnisher pretreatment. @Profile&Polish™, use as a powerful surface astringent, increasing DOI. DeepClean w/Slip-Resist with GUnanoInside™ clarifies and conditions as a part of the Green Umbrella LifeCycle™ Maintenance System.

Architectural Applications

Ideal for interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal in Demanding Applications; ware-house/distribution centers, food service, parking decks, garages, hospitals, or similar & specifically for dye and pigment in Decorative Color Applications; retail spaces & showrooms, restaurants, business offices, lobby areas, museums, municipalities, airports, hospitals, schools, fire-stations, or most concrete surfaces.