Dispense & Monitor

Good Housekeeping


Janitor Closet

The janitorial closet should be a reflection of your craft, clean and well-organized. The dispenser panel provides immediate dilution with a one-touch on/off valve operation and may include our remote monitoring for metric-driven analysis and programmed alerts for treatment refill. A wall-mounted pail rack is recommended to provide easy access to the mop sink and keep your workspace free of clutter. Health Sentinel promotes best practice with easy-to-read wall posters – currently available in English, Spanish, and French Canadian.

Common Solutions

Mop Bucket

Use a clean mop head and a clean mop bucket every time. It takes a few minutes to clean before and after each use, but basic sanitary protocol will promote better health, safety, and wellness.

Auto Scrubbers

Always clean and check your pads and squeegee before beginning and after ending each shift. Make sure your solution tank is full of your Green Umbrella treatment as prescribed in your Health Sentinel plan.
Train, Trust, Empower! Train as many as possible to use the auto scrubber. This will increase cleaning power and productivity. Training shows your team you trust them and want to extend added responsibility because they are capable to take it to the next level. An auto scrubber can clean tens of thousands of square feet per hour, empower your team to get more done and enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing more in less time!

Dispenser Systems

Mop Bucket Dispenser System (MC-4)

With the janitor in mind, installing a dispenser/proportioner creates a relatively hands-free, consistent, and economical way of introducing cleaning treatments. The MC-4 is a moderate flow dispenser capable of 4 gpm, measured dilution of any Green Umbrella treatment using dosages from 0.25 ounces per gallon up to and exceeding 8 ounces per gallon to meet any floor care prescription. With just the turn of a valve, you’ll be cleaning and refreshing your facility faster than ever!

    Auto Scrubber Dispenser System (AS-10)

    Investing in an auto scrubber elevates productivity and performance of janitorial staff and the facility in their care. The AS-10 is a high-flow dispenser that provides peak performance by filling auto scrubbers in minutes with its 10 gpm, measured dilution. Pair with any of Green Umbrella’s recommended treatments as well as recommended pads or brushes on your machine for floor care that meets the Health Sentinel mission of enhanced concrete lifecycle maintenance.

    Three Reasons to promote floor care using an auto scrubber:

    • 1. Reduce user fatigue.
    • 2. Scrubbers extract contaminants, as mops spread contaminants.
    • 3. Make your treatment go farther! According to the ISSA you can clean 3x as many SF using an auto scrubber in comparison to a mop. (750 SF Auto scrubber, 250 SF Mop Bucket – per treated gallon.)



    No cleaner is being diluted

    • Check your pail to make sure it has solution.
    • Clean and Check the pick-up tube and filter for any debris.
    • Make sure the pick-up line is clean and has the proper draw.
    • Observe the flow meter to ensure treatment movement. Some treatments have an extremely concentrated dose of just 0.25 ounces per gallon, look for air bubbles moving through the supply line.

    Poor or leaky flow

    • Check the supply line for kinks.
    • Check the supply line connections for good seals and/or filters.


      No data is being sent/received

      • Confirm the serial number of the unit as recorded by Green Umbrella.
      • Make sure the Remote Monitor has power.
      • Check the connection of the antenna.
      • The unit will display a signal strength bar on the online terminal.
      • Remove the Remote Monitor cover, and while running the dispenser look for the green transmission light to flash as material moves through the flow meter.

        Report Dispenser Flow Problems Immediately 

        Check that DeepClean is flowing through the hose.