What makes Green Umbrella different from other janitorial distributors or JanSan manufactures?

Green Umbrella was founded through root cause analysis of concrete.  Our approach drives our products, not the other way around.  We examine ways to prevent problems common to concrete and promote concrete health.  Our surface and subsurface treatments and cleaners were designed for concrete, not taken from another industry or surface for care.

Isn’t all concrete the same? Why take a ‘Prescriptive’ approach?

Concrete varies not only in make up (components), but also in placement and finish – both methods and conditions.  This leads to a variety of surface and subsurface conditions across the country and the world.  By analyzing concrete we take into consideration when and how it was placed as well as how it has been treated.  That’s why your maintenance program is so important!  The care or lack thereof will impact concrete safety, cleanliness, appearance, durability and longevity.  Contaminants and other surface conditions may call for adjustment in cleaning treatments, Green Umbrella has a family of cleaning treatments for any situation.


What is the difference between cleaning with a mop and using an auto scrubber? 

Cleaning using an auto scrubber produces a higher quality clean and leaves a higher quality surface.  DeepClean & Maintain can be worked into the surface and allowed to penetrate and lift contaminants which are removed thru the vacuum and disposed of.  Cleaning using a mop produces limited scrubbing and instead of lifting most contaminants, mopping will leave many behind.  Frequently, mopping evenly disperses dirt as opposed to lifting it for disposal leaving a surface that is still dirty to a degree.  Cleaning using an autoscrubber is more efficient – 1 gallon will clean 750 square feet!  Cleaning using a mop produces more effort to rinse, fill and clean